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Kelso & Tweed welcomes the Kelso Laddie

On the afternoon of Sunday 9 July 2023, Lodge Kelso & Tweed No. 58 welcomed The 2023 Kelso Laddie, Andrew Thomson, along with a number of guests from the Kelso Laddies Association.
Master of the Lodge, Bro. Tim Slater, welcomed the the visitors and gave a brief presentation on the historical connection between the Lodge and Kelso Abbey.

The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Bro. Andrew E. Forsyth, continued by making reference to the newly established Young Masons Group, The Borders Quarrymen, highlighting that although still in the early stages, the initiative was gathering pace. Bro. Tim Slater followed by proudly sharing some of charitable work achieved by the Grand Lodge of Scotland, The Provincial Grand Lodge of The Scottish Borders and at a more local level, the contributions Lodge Kelso & Tweed have given to good causes within the town.

The Master then presented The Kelso Laddie with a small gift along with a cheque for £150 for the Kelso Laddies Association, to go towards the sponsorship of Civic Week events and wished the Laddie all the best of luck for Civic Week. The Kelso Laddie replied expressing his personal appreciation and that of the Kelso Laddies Association.

On learning that the Ex-Kelso Laddies Club had arranged a sponsored walk to raise funds which will be distributed to local charities and good causes, The Master of the Lodge presented Ex-Kelso Laddie Phil Hume, President of the Ex-Laddies Club with £130, the proceeds of a cash collection taken on the afternoon to be put towards their fundraising efforts.
The hospitality of Lodge Kelso and Tweed was enjoyed by the Association for the remainder of the afternoon.

The Borders Quarrymen

The start of something new.
On 27 April 2023, a number of younger Lodge Members within the Province met at Lodge Kelso and Tweed with a view to creating and operating a “Young Masons Group”  aimed at young and new members of the craft.  Watch this space for further developments. 

Lodge Kelso & Tweed 58 hosts a Burns Supper
In aid of Kelso Ladies Poppy Group

From the generosity of the company the night raised a magnificent £474. The Right Worshipful Master Brother Tim Slater presents a cheque for £500 to Paula Wight and Maureen Hogarth from the Kelso Ladies Poppy Group.

Superb night of fun at Lodge Kelso & Tweed 58 as the Lodge hosted a Burns Supper in aid of the Kelso Ladies Poppy Group with 36 guests in attendance.

There was a full programme of toasts, poems and song. Music was provided by Brothers Gordon Brown and Bill Elliot on the accordion accompanied by Alan Veitch on the small pipes.

The haggis was piped in by Pipe Major Alan Veitch and the address was given by Bro Jim Brown PM. The Immortal Memory was expertly delivered by Bro Gareth Davies PM. Bro Bill Heaney PM had everyone on their knees with “Holy Willie’s Prayer”. The Toast to the Lassies by Bro Mick Todd IPM had us all in stitches with an equally humorous reply from Mrs Fiona Brown. Bro Rob Cockburn PM had the company enthralled with “Tam o’ Shanter” and “To a Mouse”. The programme ended with Bro Jim Brown PM reciting that favourite “The Haggis o’ Private McPhee”. 

The Kelso Ladies Poppy Group goes to great lengths to decorate the town during a period of remembrance and the Lodge is always happy to support our local charities, it’s what we do! 

11th Feb 2023

NHS Frontline Staff receive 2000 "Goodie Bags"

Over the last few weeks we have been busy handing out staff goodie bags very generously donated by the Provincial Grand Lodge of The Scottish Borders.
The bags are packed full of snacks and drinks and were delivered to frontline staff across NHS Borders as a thank you for their continued hard work!
A huge thank you you to all of the Freemasons for supplying us with these awesome yummy goodies!!! 🧡
Dec 2022

We've made it a Million

Scottish Freemasons will make history by presenting a cheque for more than £1 million to Prostate Scotland. It is the first time the Grand Lodge of Scotland, whose members are spread across the globe, has raised such a vast sum to be given to a single recipient. The achievement comes after a fundraising appeal lasting an incredible 10 years, recently named the Make It a Million campaign.

The announcement was made this afternoon by the Grand Master Mason, Brother William Ramsay McGhee, at the Regular Communication in Freemasons Hall, Edinburgh. He said: 
“The main thrust of my report this afternoon is to inform you, officially, that you have made it a million. What an amazing achievement Brethren.
“Your creativity, ingenuity, effort,determination, and fortitude has made history. 
“For the first time you, the members of Grand Lodge, will hand over £1.125 million to a single organisation.
“The final cheque will be presented to Prostate Scotland at the Festival of St Andrew.
“Can I take this opportunity to record my personal sincere thanks for all you have done.
“I know that our Immediate Past Grand Master, Brother Charles Iain Robert Wolrige Gordon who instigated the original initiative, Brother Joe Morrow, Chairman of the Benevolence and Care Committee and Brother Marcus Humphrey, past chairman of the Committee, would all wish me to say that collectively we are truly appreciative and grateful to you all.

“I would also like to say a special thank you to Mrs Dawn Oliff and her staff who have carried out an immense amount of administrative work in respect of the project.”

The Grand Lodge of Scotland embarked on the appeal to help increase awareness of prostate disease, its symptoms and the treatments available. The money was raised thanks to a collective effort by thousands of freemasons who devised a huge range of fund-raising initiatives. The most recent was a zip slide which contributed nearly £50,000 to the appeal.

Prostate Scotland have publicly acknowledged that the support of Scottish Freemasons, both in financial terms and by providing a platform for the distribution of information, has had a hugely positive impact on developing their work.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of the Scottish Borders
Celebrate their 275th Anniversary in Style

Pictured here,  Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason, Brother William Ramsay McGhee, the Office Bearers of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, the Provincial Grand Master of the Scottish Borders, Brother Andrew E. Forsyth, the Office Bearers of Provincial Grand Lodge of the Scottish Borders with eleven Provincial Grand Masters of the Scottish Constitution and the Provincial Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Mark Lodge of Northumberland.

The observant amongst us will know that the Provincial Grand Lodge of The Scottish Borders was created in 2018, however, on Saturday 20 August 2022, a ceremony took place in Kelso to celebrate 275 years of a Provincial Grand Lodge presence in the area.

The celebration took place in the Tait Hall, Kelso, where a deputation from the Grand Lodge of Scotland, headed by the Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason, Bro. William Ramsay McGhee, performed the ceremony of rededication which was followed by a celebratory meal with toasts and speeches.

The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master presented a cheque for £500 to the Grand Master Mason for Grand Lodge Benevolence along with another for £2, 750 in support of the Prostate Scotland “Make it a Million” scheme, which the achievement of is now in sight.

Two hundred and seventy-five years ago on the 15th day of August 1747, the province of Roxburgh and Peebles was formed headed by the first Provincial Grand Master, Brother John Murray of Cringletie, Peebles. The title of our Province has changed several times over the intervening years, however, it does not detract from the respect in which our Province is held throughout Scottish Freemasonry. 

We have reached another fantastic milestone in our history and we celebrate this anniversary with a great deal of pride in our heritage. From the foundation which has been laid we look forward to the future with confidence and optimism that our successors will continue to embrace the fundamental principles that has served our Province for the past two hundred and seventy-five years.

On the Level

Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason, Brother William Ramsay McGhee, is pictured here with the Provincial Grand Master of the Scottish Borders, Brother Andrew E. Forsyth and the Right Worshipful Master of his Mother Lodge, Brother Michael A. Todd of Lodge Kelso & Tweed 58.

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